Top Luxury Wedding Venues, Waiheke Island – Goldie Room

The location for a wedding is always chosen carefully – it has to be unique and a place to make dreams come true. Waiheke Island is a paradise and not only does it have the beautiful beaches and vineyards we all know and love, it also has private and luxurious sanctuaries on offer.

Luxury resorts of 5 star quality that have wowed our wedding couples and created stunning memories which we would like to share. Shine Studios have been lucky to be invited to join couples on their special day in these breathtaking places.  So if you are coming to Waiheke be it to get married, honeymoon or just a romantic escape here are Shine Studios top Waiheke luxury wedding and accommodation venues.

Goldie Room

The Goldie Room is a unique Waiheke treasure, situated on the stunning and historic Goldie Vineyard. The Goldie Room features everything you would want in a Waiheke wedding – an elegant and sophisticated venue, gourmet food, award winning wines, rolling vineyards, olive groves, a private beach and the iconic Pohutukawa tree.

The vineyard itself was Waiheke Islands first vinafera vineyard and was founded on the principals’ of quality and elegance. These principals shine through in every facet of The Goldie Room, ensuring the weddings held there are of the finest calibre.

The natural beauty of the estate is one that takes your breath away and can simply be described as paradise. With over 30 acres the photo locations are varied, dramatic and beautiful.

Your experience there will be intimate, friendly and flexible with dedicated wedding staff with an eye for romance that help you plan and prepare every step of the way. The packages they offer are all inclusive – the rare combination of gourmet food, fines wines, superior service and absolute romance in a unique and spectacular setting.

The team at The Goldie Room are dedicated to excellence and we will work together with you to ensure that your wedding day is a stunning and memorable occasion full of fun, love and beauty.

This entry is part of a series on Waiheke’s Top Luxury Wedding Venues, watch out for more in the coming weeks.

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